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  • Solar/AC Power Hybrid

    Solar /AC /Diesel Power Hybrid Input 


    1. Achieve 24 Hours Water Pumping and  the water flow demands in Cloudy Days.  


    2. Avoid the start the pump frequently when the solar power output low.

  • Inverter build-in Booster

    HSPL750/1500L/HA/B with Low Voltage input :


    1. Solar panel range: 55V ~ 95V.


    2. Save Cost Of Solar Panel Max to 30%.


    Fit  the Pump Parameters:  1HP / 2HP Triphase AC pump,  Voltage: 220 / 380V,   Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

  • GPRS Remote Control

    GPRS Control the Inverter:


    1. SMS


    2. Control the Inverter anywhere 


    Use the GPRS module , you can control the solar pumping inverter On/Off, and Any error of it will send the message to mobile automatic 

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