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  • Water Pumping/Heating

    HSPLXXXL/HA/B series inverter support the Triphase Ac pump and Resistor Heating .  with Real- Mppt  of high utilization rate of solar panel.


    Automatic running - Non parameters setting, One Key startup/stop, Out flow can be controlled,  Support Gprs/ Wifi for control, support Ac / Solar switch..

  • For 100-260HP AC Pump

    Solution of HSPL75K/100K/150K/200K  with Controller,  support Remote/Local realtime Monitor and control the  Solar pumping inverter by Wifi /3G / Ethernet. Real-MPPT of high utilization rate of solar panel.

    Fit the Pump 100HP ~ 260HP ,Triphase AC pump, AC Voltage:380V, Freq 50/60Hz..

  • Booster 1,2 HP 380V AC Pump

    Solution of HSPL750/1500L/HA/B, support Low Voltage of Solar panel range: 55V ~ 95V. Build in the DC-DC circuit ,  Real MPPT of high utilization rate of solar panel, Best user experience for Operation and installation. etc.

    Fit  the Pump Parameters:  1HP / 2HP Triphase AC pump,  Voltage: 220 / 380V,   Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

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