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  • Solar pumping system

    Solar pumping system is mainly composed of a PV array, water pump and solar pumping inverter. The specific characteristics of this system: low carbon, energy saving, in order to improve the water shortage area of people's living standard, play a positive role in improving the ecological environment and Lack of electricity or High Cost of long distance power transmission but need the power to drive the pump

  • Pumping Inverter

    solar pumping inverter main function: It convert the DC power into Ac Power to drive the pump, and real-time adjust the output frequency to achieve the maximum power point tracking.Application Area: agricultural irrigation ,forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands,wastewater treatment engineering, and so on.

  • Solar DC/AC System

    Solar power generation device is the off grid PV system device designed to provide power for home appliances and mobile devices, the machine is equipped with solar battery charging input and battery input interface. Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity and stored in the external battery, battery supply the electric power. The load can be connected: lamp, electric fan, television, computer etc...

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